Every Product company on this planet goes through this decisive moment — the moment when you have to choose the right project management software. It’s funny how this little decision is fundamental for the whole business; you choose one little program that will be the backbone of your workflow for years. Yes, you heard right — for years. Do you have any idea how hard it is to change people’s habits, especially in the workplace?

Let’s face it — sooner or later you will have to make that same decision. I can’t stress enough how important this decision will be. There are tons of project management solutions on the market, but we decided to go with Atlassian JIRA. Why is that? Here are our top five picks!

1 It’s mature and proven

JIRA is an issue tracker developed by Atlassian in 2002. Atlassian’s customer list is extremely impressive and it includes over 40,000 companies of all shapes and sizes. JIRA Agile debuted six years ago and since then has developed as a major offering for agile-driven teams. There are lots of people familiar with the tool, and the community is large and active.

2 It’s extremely customizable

Since it’s used in different industries for different purposes (issue tracking, project management, support), JIRA has evolved into a feature-rich, highly customizable solution. Issue types, fields, states and workflows have sensible defaults that can be changed to suit your needs. JIRA Agile, popular JIRA addon, provides Scrum and Kanban support out of the box. Nevertheless, we were able to customize JIRA to suit our needs by creating custom issue schemes and workflows. It works like a charm, is really powerful and it just helps us a lot in our everyday development struggles.

3 Powerful product family

An issue tracker is simply not enough to meet modern software development management requirements. We were also looking for a wiki (Confluence), CI (Bamboo) and CVS (Stash) management tools. Having a whole ecosystem of integrated tools brings long term benefits. The ability to create and track issues from Confluence pages, view Git commits and build status related to a particular JIRA issue works out of the box.

4 Extensibility

JIRA is an enterprise solution and as such comes with powerful integration possibilities. We have integrated couple of marketplace plugins as well to make our DevOps process more streamlined.

5 It’s cheap for small teams

JIRA and JIRA Agile cost only $10 one-time payment (on-premise license) for the first 10 users, which gives startups a great value-to-cost ratio. The pricing model is transparent and available online, so you can easily predict the necessary investments as your organization grows